Descendants of Johann Carll IHMSEN (1706 - 1759)

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Glass Cutter and Glass Guilder at the "fine" Glassworks EMDE
near Brakel in the Archbishopric Paderborn
during the 18th Century

Welcome to my website!
      Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.

     When I first started research into my family in the Mid 1990's, I had no idea what I got myself into. I had no idea of the family background and with time got more and more fascinated by the work and life of the glass makers during the 18th century. I will present here a small amount of the information I found in my searches. The informations come from various church books and archives in the Northrhein-Westfalian area. I published the first informations here in 2004.

     Should you enjoy this site, please return from time to time since new information will be added. Researches at the time in progress are about the other glass makers who, besides the masters Ihmsen and Wiegand, contributed to make these glass works a success.
     A special thank you to Frau Dr. Wichert-Pollmann, who with her book "Das Glasmacherhandwerk im östlichen Westfalen" (The Glass Makers Trade in  Eastern Westfalia) gave the greatest impulses for my search. Further, I want to thank Dr. Dethlefs of Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst u. Kulturgeschichte, Münster (Westfalian county Museum for Arts and Cultural history) for the formation of the "Westfälisches Glasforum" that researches the importance of the glassworks Emde and glass making during the 18th century in Westfalia.  The start to this project was the opportunity of several Westfalian museums under the leadership of Dr. Dethlefs to auction at Sotheby's London several goblets produced by the glass cutters and glass guilders Ihmsen at the Emde glass works. One of these goblets is pictured above.
     Some members of the Ihmsen family emigrated end of the 18th century to the USA and were considerably involved in the building of the glass industry of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To this there exists a wealth of information that has been gathered together with several descendants that live in the USA, first of all Mr. Bob Bowers and Mrs. Carolyn Carroll. Also, Mrs. Suzanne Johnston, as a professional researcher, helped beyond the measure asked with her searches. Further, a good friend, Mr. A. John "Brotherjohn" Birkholz of Montana deserves a special credit for his work. The results of all these researches, once sorted, will be published here as well.

    Even if it took much longer than expected in the beginning, I could now, September 2011, present more information on these pages. By a lucky finding the so far only supposed conncetion between the German and American Ihmsen could be proven. There is also a tragic case of emigration to report about. Furthermore the emigration of a female person in the middle of 1800's, apparently all by herself, to New York could be followed. Surely a courageous venture especially at that time.
     Questions, corrections or additional informations to these pages are welcome and wished for.

    A future part on this site will also be reserved for a Maximillian Ihmsen, who in the Mid 19th century founded an important firm for Rose Oil production in Bulgaria and Turkey. Information here though is hard to come by, so that any help in this direction is very welcome.

Table of Contents

bullet  History
bullet  IHMSEN - First Generation (1706 - 1759)
bullet  IHMSEN - Second Generation (1731 - 1785)
bullet  IHMSEN - Third Generation (1765 - 1827)
bullet  Ihmsen Emigration to the USA - Johann Christian Ihmsen    
bullet  The Wiegand Family at the Glassworks Emde         
bullet  The Tragic End of an Emigration       
bullet  A courageous Ihmsen in New York - Louisa Friederika Ihmsen       
bullet  Map of the Bishopric Paderborn with the most important glass works   
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