Second Generation  (1731 - 1785)

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3. Johann Carl IHMSEN was born on 20 Apr 1731.

•  1759 - In a letter (undatet) to the Electorate, in which is highlighted that the widdow of Abraham Wiegand, as well as Carl (1) Ihmsen had died, Johann Carl (2) asks, most likely together with Christian Wiegand [the letter is imcomplete], for transferral of the contract of the Emde works to them, the children and heirs. Further, Carl (2) asks that the privilege to cut and guild glass be transferred to him from his deceased father. This privilege is granted.

•  Mar 1761 - By request of the glassmasters Carl Ihmsen und Wiegandt at the fine glass works "Embde" there is a change in the amount of wood alotted, as well as the way of payment.

•  Mar 1764 - Carl ihmsen tries to get the concession for a newly to be established fine glass works at Hannée’s Ground near Schwalenberg. Against Master Bonifacius Fleckenstein and Master Johann Christian Becker from Kohlstaedt, as well as the Masters Thies und Becker from Schieder he wins the auction of the concession. He does not appear though to deliver the security for the contract. He argues, that he auctioned for his brothers Christian und Wilhelm, as well as his brother-in-law Goebeler who now do not have enough money for the contract. Now Becker von Kohlstaedt gets the contract, for the price though he auctioned for - 34Mariengroschen (mgr) It is examined, if Ihmsen cannot be made liable for the difference to his offer - 1Reichstaler(rth) 2mgr.

•  Dec 1766 - The contract for the Emde is prolonged again for 10 years with Johann Carl Ihmsen and Johann Christian Wiegand as partners in the works, Now 30 rth. have to payed yearly per Schock wood.

•  Jul 1778 - Johann Carl (2) Ihmsen marries his second wife, Regina Sophia Hinneriz (Henrici?). On 17.07.1779 they have a son, Johann Justus, who only lives to the age of 4 years.

•  Undated (ca 1783) - Complaint of Johann Christian Wiegandt about Carl (2) Ihmsen. Wiegandt reminds on a letter written 4 years before to the rulers of the house of Asseburg [not present] in which he complains about the bad conduct of Carl Ihmsen which causes him great damage which by now has reached the amount of about 100 rth. so that he fears that Ihmsen tries to ruin him. He further complains about his alcoholism, also that no wood cutters want to work for them since Ihmsen does not pay their wages.

•  Jul 1783 - An examination of the occurrances is started into the quarrels.

•  Aug 1783 - Councillor Wdthorst and officer Kloepper drive to the Emde Glass works and report. They questioned once again Wiegandt about his complaints, as well as Ihmsen, who denied everything. Ihmsens glass workers Conrad Fiege and Johann Diederich admit, that payments have not been quite regularily and that Ihmsen occasionally had been drunk. Hermann Flemmer, a worker of Wiegandt, told about quarrels between Wiegand and Ihmsen, irregularities with payments, as well as quite often drunkenness of Carl (2) Ihmsen. The Commission realizes that the complaints of Wiegandt are quite true, but a further inquiry would go beyond the goal and would cause only further bitterness among the parties. Therefore both glass masters were ordered to get along with each other and to behave “peacefully” with each other, as well as to avoid all “disorder”. The one though who in the future again disturbs the operation of the works first will be punished with a fine.

•  Sep 1783 - The Elctorate congratulates Councillor Windhorst to his settlement of the quarrel and hopes that it will hold and and contribute to it that the Glassmasters will return with zeal to their work, to be able to pay the outstanding wood money within 14 days, as well as to keep future future terms of payment in time since otherwise he will have the moneys collected forcibly. Further he orders the masters of the works to pay the costs for the settlement commission in union.

•  Feb 1785 - Carl Ihmsen dies and is buried the same day at the churchyard of Poembsen.

Johann Carl married Joanna Friderica Charitas DISSEN.

                        Children from this marriage were:

    i. Anna Luisa Elisabeth Dorothea IHMSEN was born on 23 Jan 1757.
   ii. Carolina IHMSEN was born on 21 Aug 1758.
Carolina married Conrad Henrich RHODEN von Angerstein.
  iii. Johanna Sophia Friderica Scharlotta IHMSEN was born on 12 Sep 1760.
  iv. Anna Angela IHMSEN was born on 17 Nov 1762. She dies as infant.
   v. Johann Carl Friedrich IHMSEN was born on 15 Aug 1765..
  vi. Christian Wilhelm IHMSEN was born on 3 Aug 1767.
 viii. Christoph IHMSEN was born on 18 Feb 1771. Nothing Known about him.
  ix. Conradina Wilhelmina Charitas IHMSEN was born on 17 Oct 1774. Nothing known about her
   x. Henrich Wilhelm IHMSEN was born on 13 Feb 1776 in Emde. Nothing Known about him.

Johann Carl next married Regina Sophia HENNERIZ.

The child from this marriage was:

    i. Joannes Justus IHMSEN was born on 17 Jul 1779, died at age 4.

4. Anna Judith IHMSEN was born on 5 Sep 1733.

Anna married Joannes Daniel SEITZ , son of Johann Rudolph SEITZ and Catharina Sophia OSTERLOH .

Children from this marriage were:

     i. Johann Carl Rudolph SEITZ was born on 9 Jul 1756.
    ii. Johann Christian SEITZ was born on 19 Apr 1759.

7. Anna Elisabeth IHMSEN was born on 2 Nov 1739.

Anna married Friedrich Wilhelm GÄBLER (GEBELER Göbeler).

•  ca 1788 / 89 - This family probably emigrated, together with her younger brother Johann Christian, end 1780 to theUSA. They came to Frederick in Frederick County, Maryland and worked for Johann Friedrich Amelung at the glassworks "New Bremen".

Children from this marriage were:

     i. Carl Daniel Friedrich GÄBELER was born on 21 Mar 1763 and died at age 16.
    ii. Christina Friederica Juditha was born on 29 Sept. 1764.
   iii. Anna Angela Wilhelmina GÄBELER was born on 4 Mar 1766.
Anna married Johann Adam KOHLENBERG , son of Justus KOHLENBERG and Unknown.
   iv. Johann Christian GÄBELER was born on 8 Jan 1768.
    v. Anna Carolina Elisabeth GÄBELER was born on 5 Mar 1771.
   vi. Anna Charlotta Carolina GÄBELER was born on 26 Dec 1772.
  vii. Henrich Wilhelm GÄBELER was born on 5 Oct 1775.
 viii. Anna Charlotta GÄBELER was born on 14 Dec 1777.
  ix. Gottlieb Anton GÄBELER was born on 8 Oct 1779.
   x. Henrietta Regina GÄBELER was born on 2 May 1782.
  xi. Elisabeth Theresia GÄBELER was born on 3 Jun 1784.

8. Johann Christian IHMSEN was born on 20 Apr 1742.

•  Aug 1764 - Johann Christian and Johan Henrich Wilhelm Ihmsen sign a contract for the establishment of a new fine glass works in the Bohntal near Schwaney. The contract runs for 10 years. The Schock would has to be paid for with 33 rth.

•  Oct 1764 - The Electorate Wilhelm Anton changes the contract for the new works with the Ihmsen brothers, so that it runs for 12 years, starting 01.11.1765 and ending 30.11.1777. In case there will be sufficient wood, a prolongation of the contract is confirmed that has to be applied for 1 year before the end of the contract. Explicitely forbidden is the burning of pottash..

•  Feb 1766 - Johann Christian Ihmsen married Anna (Dorothea) Liesebeth Fleckenstein in Schlangen. She is the daughter of Bonifacius Fleckenstein and Amelia Wiegandt, who is a daughter of Abraham Wiegandt and Judith Greinert. Here shows that glass makers liked to marry among each other.

•  1771 - Privy counsellor Budden writes, the the Glass Master Johann Christian Ihmsen of the works in the Bohntal owes the court for wood received 120 Rthl., 9Mgr. During the impounding of his possessions only about one eighth of the amount could be gathered. Therefore his part of the works is to auctioned off.

•  Undated - Letter by Friedrich Wilhelm Goebeler, who wants to take over the part of the works owned by Johann Christian together with his brother-in-law Wilhelm Ihmsen. A commentary by the Electorate Wilhelm Anton at the lower end of the letter reads: “it has to be demanded of them the previous wood money unpaid, as well as the wood money due this year with force. It has to be taken in a way that he will not be able to continue unless we will have the greatest damage through him...

•  Oct 1772 - Budden writes, that Christian Ihmsen, by now owing 190 Rthl, does not fear the impounding of his possessions because he does not own anything anymore. Christian by now is working as servant for his brother-in-law Goebeler. This one now suggested, that his Excellency Wilhelm Anton may confirm, that after the end of the contract years, when Christian has payed back the moneys for the debts advanced to him by Goebeler, his part of the works may be returned to him. He, Goebeler, will pay the debts, but impossibly all at once, since the sale of glass is bad. Budden, at the moment, does not see a way to drive in the money owed. Therefore he suggests that either Christian’s part of the works be given to him, or that part should be sold to a stranger. This though might cause problems with the work with Goebeler. He asks his Excellency how to continue. Wilhelm Anton agrees to the taking over of the works by Goebeler, under the conditon though, that the money owed be payed in the following way: one third within 8 days, one third until Petri? 1773 and one third Easter 1773. In another protocol at Dringenberg Master Goebeler and Johann Christian Ihmsen appear and the decision of the Electorate about the payment modalities is communicated to them. Goebeler, in the name of Wilhelm Ihmsen, responds, that they had settled the affair among themselves and that Christian has passed over his part of the works to him and his brother Wilhelm  against payment of the debts. At the same time he declared, that the outstanding money could not be payed at once, since their glass production is loaned to the glass carriers and sellers who first have to sell that glass and as is common, the glass makers cannot change anything about that. Because of this it is impossible for them to keep the short payment orders given. He asked for prolongation and in regular intervals would be willing to pay 50 Rthl., so that the total sum outstanding would be payed in 5/4 years

•  Nov 1772 - Wilhelm Anton lets them know his final payment modalities, which are, to be kept without fail, one third against future sales, one third Easter 1773 and the rest end June 1773.

•  1773 - Quarrels among the glass works in the Bohntal and the citizens of Schwaney. By having cultivated land and errected fences around it the inhabitants of Schwaney feel hindered in the use of the creek in that area which they use to water their cattle. Also, due to the enlargements of these gardens they feel that the way to Dringenberg is narrowed too much. By the order of the  3 chairmen of the community many inhabitants go to the glass works, tear down the fences and devastate the gardens. An examination by judge Budden shows, that part of the gardens were illegal, further, some of the gardens were extended with silent knowledge of the forest warden. It shows though that the creek can be accessed without problems and also, that the way to Dringenberg is wide enough to let 3 wagons pass each other. Thus the judgement goes that the community of Schwaney has to put up the fences again at their own costs, and the gardens have to be placed in their original state. Also, the community has to pay 20 rth. in damages.

ca. 1788 / 89 - Possibly Christian emigrated with his family towards the end of 1780 to the USA. He could have worked here, together with the Goebelers, near Frederick, Maryland at the glassworks "New Bremen" until about Mid 1790's. The works were founded by Jahann Friedrich Amelung. He had worked as supervisor of the mirror glassworks Gruenenplan before he went to America, to start up his works. The story goes, that Bremen businessmen advanced the money for the works in Maryland, hence the name. The works went broke about 1795. Part of it was taken over afterwards by the son-in-law of Johann Friedrich Goebler, Johann Adam Kohlenberg.

Johann Christian married Anna (Dorothea) Mar. Liesebeth FLECKENSTEIN , daughter of Bonifacius FLECKENSTEIN and Anna Amelia (Wigand) WIEGANT.

                         Children from this marriage were:

      i. Friderica Elisabeth Aemiliana IHMSEN was born on 21 Nov 1767.
     ii. Johanna Wilhelmina Charlotte IHMSEN was born on 16 Dec 1768.
    iii. Friedrich Ernest Carl IHMSEN was born on 10 Dec 1770.
    iv. Johanna Friderica Florentina IHMSEN was born on 4 Jun 1772.
     v. Anna Lucia Carolina IHMSEN was born on 11 Apr 1775.
    vi. Henrich Elias Wilhelm IHMSEN was born on 24 Oct 1777.
   vii. Friderica Dorothea Elisabeth IHMSEN was born on 28 Jul 1780.
  viii. Carl August IHMSEN was born on 2 Apr 1782.
   ix. Anna Maria Elisabeth IHMSEN was born on 13 Apr 1785.

10. Johann Henrich Wilhelm IHMSEN was born on 21 Mar 1746.

•  Sep 1777 - Wilhelm Ihmsen and Friederich Goebeler want to proplong the contract for the Bohntal works for another 12 years, they ask though, that the price of wood be reduced to 30 rth.

•  1778 - The brothers Becker of the glass works Siebenstern, and the borthers-in-law Wilhelm Ihmsen and Goebeler take over a glass works of Neuenheerse in the Hellewald. This  works exists until 1800. Due to differences between the abbess and the Paderborn Court the contract ending on 22. Febr. 1800 with W. Becker was not renewed.

•  Sep 1782 - After repeated requests by Ihmsen and Goebeler they receive the prolongation of the contract for the works in the Bohntal.

•  Mid 1785 - Wilhelm Imsen and Friedrich Goebeler have to shut down the works in the Bohntal due to not being able to pay the wood money. 1785 - 1786 the works are closed.  Justus Becker and Lieutenant Colonel Schugmann follow, up to October 1790. Schugmann and several journeymen lived there until 1792, then the works were torn down.   

Johann Henrich Wilhelm married Maria Augusta LANGENBACH.

Children from this marriage were:

    i. Carl Christian IHMSEN was born on 6 Mar 1784.
   ii. Anna Maria Elisabeth Henrietta IHMSEN was born on 10 Nov 1785.
  iii. Justus (August?) Friedrich IHMSEN was born on 5 Nov 1787.
  iv. Friedrich Leopold Wilhelm IHMSEN was born on 6 May 1789.
   v. Christian Ludwig IHMSEN was born on 22 Feb 1791.
  vi. Maria Justina IHMSEN was born on 20 Apr 1794.
 vii. Luisa Henrietta IHMSEN was born in Mar 1797.
viii. Friederika Luise IHMSEN



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